Fun in Denver


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Greetings from Denver. We had a very fun busy weekend. We went to Elich’s on Saturday, and Ft.Collins/Loveland on Sunday. It is great that Addie has the weekends off, and only has to be at the hospital for her radiation treatments.

Overall she is doing well, and handling the treatments very well. We will get to see her doctor on Thursday, and hope he will be able to tell us if the radiation has been able to halt the disease at this time. We are missing Missoula and the late night summer sun, but are being very well cared for here in Denver.

Addie’s last radiation treatment is scheduled for July 17th. After that we will be able to return to Missoula for a five week recovery period, prior to returning to Denver for an MRI.

All the kids are doing great, and have been remarkable at adjusting to all the changes.

We are very appreciative of the continue love, support, and prayers that are being sent our way.