June 17th

Greetings from Lakewood, Colorado. We have moved locations and are now settled in at my Aunt Pat’s where we will be for at least the next two weeks. Addie went in today for her radiation treatment. The first of 22. She did really well. It doesn’t look comfortable and it doesn’t look fun, but she never complained. It took about 25 minutes. After the treatment, Addie was eager to walk to the Children’s hospital with Ryan and Aidan. Addie has been feeling good all afternoon. She is putting up with ornery Michal who is determined to have her eat well and do ointments and supplements.

The afternoon was smooth. Addie had good energy, ate well, and is now relaxing with a movie. The hardest part right now is that Addie’s treatments are right in the middle of the day – and Addie wants to do all the amazing things that Denver has to offer, and somehow we will have to figure out how to incorporate as much fun as possible into each day.

So very grateful to all the amazing people in Addie’s life.