life, school, Griz game

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We have been busy with life and the start of school. I cherish each moment, and they are going by quickly.

Addie is doing well. She is excited about school, and is the Target Range Soccer Team Manager. We will go in for an MRI and 3 x-rays on September 21st. We are thoughtful about the results and any preventative measures that are available.

Two weeks ago good friends of Addie’s held a fundraising event at the Kettle House Brewing CO. It was a great experience – the atmosphere, the beer, and best of all the people.

Two nights ago we attended the Griz football game.Addie had been picked to be the Junior Captain for the Griz Football team. We were on the field during the warm-up’s, and Addie went out to participate in the coin toss. It was an exciting game, a strenuous loss, a slight shower – tons of fun!

Keep praying, keep loving, keep thinking about our sweet Addie – Michal