Sept 30th, Fall, School and Fundraising

The support we have received has been amazing – and the Thank You cards are coming, but it may take a few years :). There is one more tonight- and I apologize for the short notice. The Kettle House is hosting an event to celebrate the top three fundraising groups from the past four months – and it probably comes as no surprise to you that “Help Addie Moser” is one of the three. It will not be quite the night it was about a month ago – but we would love to see you down at the Kettlehouse Northside tonight between 5-8 pm. It’s a beautiful night for a delicious Kettlehouse beer!!!

On another note – Addie is doing well. Her body continues to change- and as we document and watch, we continue to hope that the radiation is doing what it is suppose to be doing. The uncertainty of this disease is frustrating, scary, and annoying. We feel like we are in very little control of the situation, and are at the mercy of fate, limited knowledge, and great doctors. But we continue on, and enjoy this beautiful weather – this wonderful place we live, and the amazing people that surround us. Thank you, Love to all – keep praying, Michal

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