Children’s Hospital Colorado





Addie is currently at Children’s Hospital Colorado. We went into her pediatrician on Friday because of a persistent cough and difficultly breathing. The day was followed by an x-ray, ct scan, and then a med jet flight to Denver. Her left lung had fluid in it and collapsed. Today at 12:30 they began the process of draining the fluid from her left lung. This will continue over the next few days. She is in good spirits, comfortable and feeling much better. The fluid is being sent to pathology.

Addie and Ryan continue to be impressed with Children’s Hospital Colorado – they feel well cared for and safe. This afternoon Addie got a good one hour nap in while Ryan took a two hour nap; this afternoon he was given an extra foam mattress.

We are anxious for the next few days – and any answers that may help us to better understand what has happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Addie continues to be quiet, strong, and non complaining. She is involved in most discussions and options.

We have received much support form the LGDA Support Group, and others – and continue to feel very blessed and thankful during this confusing time. Michal