October 22nd


I think we can all agree Addie would be an amazing DJ.

Fortunately Addie and Ryan are keeping a bit distracted with fun things to do within the hospital, as well as having some great visitors who have been really helpful in giving Addie and Ryan some company and fun.

They had “unhooked” Addie from the wall on Tuesday and had the drain “water sealed”. This was until Wednesday where it became obvious that this was not enough and Addie had to be rehooked to the wall. I wish I had a better understanding of all of this, and I am really getting anxious about being with her and understanding all that she is going through. However, because the “water seal” was not enough – the only way to transfer Addie to Missoula is by a medical jet.¬†Currently we are trying to see if Addie’s insurance will cover a “med-jet”. Another day of waiting with hopes that we will know by tomorrow if Addie’s insurance will cover a medical jet, and when by chance that medical jet can get her here to Missoula. Keep the prayers, love and goodness coming; it is sustaining all of us! Michal