Community Medical Center

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Addie is holding her own at Community Medical Center – joking with the doctors (a successful prank- see first picture), and has more visitors coming in and out then one can keep track of – I have considered buying a guest book sign in. We are hopeful that things are beginning to move in the right direction. I can not be more grateful to the team of doctors and nurses that are helping us through this time. Addie’s spirits are up most of the time due to all of those, including you, that keep her in your thoughts and prayers. About a month ago, I was contacted by a student from Hellgate High School. She is a member of Hellgate National Honor Society and Hellgate Knights for the Fight, and she asked if she could organize an event to raise money to help us with medical expenses. Tonight the event is occurring – an event that seems to scream Addie’s name. An event that Addie would love to attend, a carnival: a zip line, photo booth, bake sale, a black light party, a cake walk, face paint, and a silent auction that is filled with awesome items and services. We would love to see you there – it is going to be so much fun. Tonight at Roots Acro Sports Center from 6-7:30, it is going to be awesome!

Until next time – love to all, Michal