December 22nd


Here they are – the two people I miss most. Yesterday we had thought that Addie would be going in for another MR Lymphangiogram – however they decided to postpone until Wednesday. They are hoping that when they do the MR Lymphangiogram tomorrow they will see information that will allow them to go straight into surgery. Today they are planning for tomorrow. I am continually amazed at Addie and Ryan. Their strength, their stamina, their love, and their attitudes.

I had the thought that on Christmas Eve, at 8pm Mountain Time we could encourage all we knew to participate in lighting a candle and saying a prayer, singing a song, reading a poem, or mediating on healing, strength and love. I think we should do this TONIGHT – as Addie prepares to venture into another difficult day tomorrow – perhaps a concerted effort of love all at the same time will send angles and kisses reeling her way. I know prayers have been numerous – but tonight I thought it would be wonderful if we could all do one at the same time. So if it be a prayer, a song, a healing thought or a dance under the stars – please join us tonight at 8 as we send as much love, healing and strength Addie’s way.