December 23rd


I just received a call from Ryan. He was with Addie and she was out of surgery. They found two more areas where there was significant leakage- and they felt they were able to patch the areas. Ryan says it appears that the output through the chest tube has decreased, The doctors were optimistic and felt there was significant progress. We will know more tomorrow, depending on the magnitude of output from her chest tube. The ultimate hope is that the output completely stops, but a significant decrease in output is also promising. Dr. Itkin will be gone for the next week and a half. Ryan and Addie will hold tight and heal – and possibly this could be Addie’s last procedure.

Before Addie went into procedure, Ryan and Addie went through all the pictures, posts and shares sending her love and goodness last night. Today when I spoke with Ryan and Addie before Addie went into procedure they were talkative, positive, and excited to be moving forward. Your love was felt –

We wait patiently for the next day, love to all, warmest wishes, Michal