December 27th, 2015


Here are a few pictures Ryan took as he was walking back to the Hospital. He had just picked up some sushi – to take back to enjoy with Addie as they celebrate his Birthday with sushi and football.

Things are going okay. Addie’s output did increase back up to 1800 ml’s. They reassure us that this disease is tricky – but that they will find all of the leaks and patch them. They also tell us that it can take longer than any of us want to see the effectiveness of each surgery.

Addie has had a tough couple of days – the day after surgery is trying, and Christmas was far from ideal. Today Ryan says she is doing better – you can always tell she is feeling better when she starts bossing Ryan around again.

I will be heading to Philadelphia later this week to be with Ryan and Addie. My mom will be coming here to Missoula to be with the crew. I look forward to being with them. Michal