The Procedure


Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the late notice. I know everyone is anxious to hear how things went. Last Friday I was under the understanding that the imaging would be one day, and the surgery then scheduled. This weekend I found out that both would be done concurrent to one another. This entire procedure took place today- Addie was “under” for seven hours. After the imaging, they went straight to surgery. She had about three different places where fluid was leaking in, 2 near the shoulder and one coming from the abdomen area. Dr. Itkin said it took longer then he had hoped – but he felt that he was successful in filling the pockets where the leakage was occurring. It can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks before we may know if the procedure was successful. He says that sometimes it just takes a few days – and other times a few weeks.
Addie is doing okay. When I finally got to talk to Ryan around 6:30 pm- she was just waking up and having a difficult time dealing with the world – as you can imagine – after being under for 7 hours. Anyways – I will keep you updated as I hear more. We are so thankful that she made it safely through this long procedure – and pray and hope now for healing. Michal