January 1, 2016


I made it to Philadelphia just in time for the New Year. I think Addie is glad I am here; I know Ryan is.

Addie is doing alright. She had another “procedure” on Tuesday. They felt that once again they were able to find some problem areas, however they felt that there are still significant problem areas to be discovered. Dr. Itkin will be returning this weekend, and a couple new doctors visited with us yesterday. Doctors that are part of a group that are studying and treating Gorham’s.

Ryan is amazing – keeping things as light and fun as possible. Addie is frustrated as any of us can imagine. This disease is complicated and Addie is tired of being patient. I keep reading stories about other warriors – they help me keep things in perspective. This disease and it’s complications are not simple and quick; the solutions take time and patience. Now that I am here I will try to give more updates – although I struggle with having to take all of you on this crazy roller coaster ride with us, but I know you are all here to support us and be involved. Thank you, Love to all, Happy New Year. Michal