January 21st


Today Addie is quiet. She waits to see just how her body is going to adjust to this new change. The chest tube had been in for more than 3 months and now is finally gone. The hole that the chest tube was in ┬áremains open and continues to be the path of least resistance for the lymphatic fluid. They have created a way to catch and drain this fluid as the body is allowed time to heal and seal the small opening on its own. They are going to give her body the weekend to heal the opening – and hopefully send the fluid to other places to be reabsorbed. If the body is unable to do it on it’s own, then Addie will receive a few stitches on Monday to manually close the hole. We will remain in ICU during this time so Addie can be closely monitored.

Love to all, thanks for your continued support, Michal