Still in Philly,

I will try to find some good pictures for the next post. Per Addie’s request, I am not allowed to include any recent ones of her.

Fortunately we have had a very uneventful weekend. The week was a bit tough. By Thursday, we had not seen any decrease in output and the mass on Addie’s shoulder appeared to be getting worse. Thursday, after Ryan left, Addie experienced extreme stomach pain followed by blood in her throw-up and stools. The day became more difficult as I received very sad news from our hometown; our community had to accept that an extremely special person was traveling to heaven. Friday, the GI team came in and did a scope of her GI track to find ulcers in her stomach. The ulcers were no longer bleeding at that time. They have added another medication to Addie’s regiment, one that will coat her stomach and esophagus in order to protect it from future ulcers. Friday and Saturday were days of rest and healing. Today Addie is quiet, her output does appear less, and the mass on her shoulder appears a bit smaller with less discoloration. Tomorrow will bring new discussions and ideas. The pleurodesis will be discussed – Is this something we want to try now, or should we wait. The mass on her back will be discussed as well – Do we take a biopsy or do we wait.

I am doing alright.

I have enjoyed walking around Philadelphia: the amazing beautiful old buildings, the diversity, the smells, the humidity.

I have been impressed with the hospital and the staff here.

We have had the fortune of having an apartment lent to us the past few weeks that has allowed for some very restful nights of sleep. And…

The highlight was yesterday when my brother Donald and his family came to visit me; I had not seen them in 7 years!!!!

I miss my home and my wonderful children there, as well as my job and the wonderful children there. It’s a good thing I know I have so much support in Missoula watching out for me and all the children I love.

Always hopeful, always praying – who knows what the week may bring. Michal