February 20th

Today Addie has a great day planned. Phoebe, a cousin and friend came to visit. Addie’s Aunt who is currently there with her went to go find a slushy maker and a new release movie that Addie has been wanting to watch – and Addie is hoping to get up and get moving, perhaps a walk.

Last week was tough. Addie had to have two biopsies taken as well as have a right chest tube put in – fortunately the right chest tube is no longer draining any fluid, and should be removed today or early tomorrow. When they took the biopsy from the mass in Addie’s left shoulder they were also able to drain 400ml’s of fluid from the shoulder – which has allowed Addie to be more comfortable.

Talking to Addie this morning was great. She was in good spirits and excited about the day. She is really excited for tomorrow because Carrie Underwood will be visiting the hospital, and Addie is determined to get out of her room and down to the hospital’s Seacrest Studio to meet her.

Ryan and I have been very grateful to the two Aunts that took our place out in Philadelphia the last three weeks. Ryan and I were able to have sometime with each other and our other 6 children – which was wonderful and rejuvenating. Ryan will be returning to Philadelphia on Monday the 22nd. He is anxious to get back to Addie.

We are hoping that these biopsies will provide us with some answers – answers that will let us know what medications will stop this mass and promote healing. Love to all, Michal