March 13th


I apologize for the delay in posts. The last two weeks have seemed to go by too quickly. Addie was able to get settled in at Community Medical Center. We are so blessed by the wonderful nurses and doctors that surround us there. At the end of last week, we were planning to transfer Addie home. Thursday was a difficult day for Addie, and we were not sure if getting her home was going to be possible. However, Addie did state today that home is where she wants to be – so we are hoping to achieve that goal sometime this week.

Addie was strong this weekend, but definitely is in a fragile state. I really appreciate how respectful everyone has been of our time and space. Addie has been able to visit with family and some friends – but Ill be honest – I am being picky mainly out of respect for Addie, her siblings, myself and Ryan. So many love us and have cared for us – but I do feel this is an important time for me to be selfish with our time.

My prayers and hope have turned to Peace, Peace for Addie as she makes the transition from this world up to heaven – and peace and hope for all of us left behind as we learn to tread this world without her. Love to all, Michal