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She is here!!, and she is doing well. She arrived Tuesday afternoon – and spent that afternoon with her siblings. Wednesday she was able to visit with her grandparents in the morning, and then have a delicious lunch (grilled cheese from Cafe Dolce) with an aunt. The afternoon was spent with two good friends, and then dinner with another aunt, her cousins and sister Anna. It was a busy day – and Addie felt good and loved it.

This morning she is still asleep as I sit quietly in her room. We have started a schedule, and if you know Addie – you know she loves schedules. Currently Addie seems focused on seeing those who surrounded her most recently in her life – and really her siblings/cousins are her main requests at this time.

The outpouring of love continues as many have reached out to let us know they are there for us. Thank you. As Addie and I explore our time, if special requests are made – I will let you know.

Loving having her here, Michal