Addie’s Army


On May 22nd, there was a lip sync contest at the Top Hat to help raise money for Camp Mak-A-Dream. It was a great event. There were two very special parts of the eventing. The first was when 15 of Addie’s friends with the help of their 6th grade teachers performed a song in honor and tribute to Addie. You can see the performance on you tube by searching “Addie’s Army Lip Sync”. There is a video of the performance as well as a video of the slide show that was shown during their performance. We are very grateful for the hard work that went into this wonderful tribute; Addie’s friends, the teachers, and the slide show creator and videographer did a wonderful job. The second special part of the evening was when Addie’s 5th grade teachers performed as “Addie’s Army” and did a fabulous job, and ended up winning the lip sync battle.

Time continues to go by, some days much easier than others. All of the events, people and situations have helped us celebrate and appreciate the time we had with Addie. We are trying to settle in to normalcy and routine, but it is hard. Michal