May 15th, 2016


On May 15th, 2016 we will have an ice cream social and lighting of love (Chinese lanterns and luminaries) at 7:30 pm at the field behind Target Range School. May 15th is Addie’s birthday – and as our family thought about what we wanted to do our thoughts turned to ice cream and light – lifting ourselves up. We will have some Chinese lanterns to light off as a group, and we thought it would be fun if people wanted to bring their own luminary designed and decorated either to create a path or image on the field behind Target Range. ( We will have tea light candles for your luminary).

The past month has been a month of being okay. Adjustment and newness in a way we did not desire, but knowing that the only option is moving on and enjoying life and each other.

We would love to see you Sunday, May 15th. Michal