Addie’s Story

Help AddieMeet Addie Moser, age 11. She would like to grab your hand and run outside to include you in her game of swinging from the trees or riding bikes to the park. Her sweet smile will make your day. Addie’s love of life is contagious. Her quick wit and sense of humor brings love and happiness to any situation. Right now Addie needs your love and support to help her through her most difficult time yet.

Difficulty has never dampened Addie’s spirit. At age 3, her mother died of brain cancer after a courageous, but long and difficult battle. Nursing his wife and caring for their five children took a permanent toll on Addie’s father. Addie is the youngest of the Moser children and the hardships they endured have only strengthened the siblings’ bonds with one another.

One could say that Addie and her siblings have been fortunate to have a warm and loving community care for them. But in actuality, it is the community of individuals and families who have housed, clothed, fed and loved the Moser kids that are thankful. Those amazing kids spread love, joy, and their characteristic and kindly Moser sense of humor with everyone they meet.

For reasons no one can explain, life has imposed another grossly unfair challenge on sweet Addie. She was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Gorham’s Disease. This disease has now invaded Addie’s scapula to her collar bone and moved into her rib cage and neck. She is currently in Denver undergoing strong radiation treatment. The doctors have designed a little body cage for her so the radiation can directly hit the areas in her body where the disease has been most aggressive.

Ryan and Michal Farley, along with their wonderful three young children have provided a warm, loving and permanent home for the four youngest Moser children for over a year now. Addie will be in Denver for at least five weeks. Either Ryan or Michal will be with her during her treatment and other siblings will join them as possible. You can only imagine the expenses of this endeavor. But it truly does “take a village.” Please be part of that village by contributing whatever you can to help defray expenses until the Farleys can bring Addie home again. She really would love to run out and greet you and bring you into her loving world.