June 28th – Rest


Yesterday, Ryan, Aidan, Anton, Anna, Seamus and Eli began the trek back home to Montana. Since then I have taken two naps – but Addie has taken none. As those who know Addie, not much can slow her down. Addie is already planning out our week, filling each day with activities around her treatments. We will be returning to the zoo tomorrow, swimming on Tuesday, friends showing up to visit on Wednesday, and a weekend in Breckenridge leaving Thursday after treatment with our visiting friends.

We miss our home and Montana, but are definitely making the best of our current situation. Love to all, Michal

June 26th




Yesterday we saw Addie’s doctor. The swelling in her shoulder has gone down immensely!!! She continues to do extremely well with treatment. Could the radiation stop the disease – that we can never know for sure, but we are hopeful.

We are enjoying our time together, as our extended family continues to take exceptional care of us.

The donations have been a blessing, as Ryan and I feel like we have a cushion to support Addie with her long term health concerns

Today some of us will be visiting the art museum, while others are going to the zoo.

Tomorrow Ryan will return to Missoula with most of the crew, while Addie, Della and I will remain in Denver for continued treatments.

We are so grateful that amongst the uncertainty of this disease, everything has been so positive. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and love.



Fun in Denver


IMG_3540 IMG_3545_2 IMG_3501


Greetings from Denver. We had a very fun busy weekend. We went to Elich’s on Saturday, and Ft.Collins/Loveland on Sunday. It is great that Addie has the weekends off, and only has to be at the hospital for her radiation treatments.

Overall she is doing well, and handling the treatments very well. We will get to see her doctor on Thursday, and hope he will be able to tell us if the radiation has been able to halt the disease at this time. We are missing Missoula and the late night summer sun, but are being very well cared for here in Denver.

Addie’s last radiation treatment is scheduled for July 17th. After that we will be able to return to Missoula for a five week recovery period, prior to returning to Denver for an MRI.

All the kids are doing great, and have been remarkable at adjusting to all the changes.

We are very appreciative of the continue love, support, and prayers that are being sent our way.



I can’t wait to be out of all this medical stuff, so I can play like that again. I am so grateful for all of your wonderful donations, they have and will help my family and I ┬áso much! I will only be doing twenty-two radiation treatments instead of twenty-five, so I can be back in my bed in Missoula sooner. Thanks again for all of your wonderful donations, and for everything everyone has done!


June 17th

Greetings from Lakewood, Colorado. We have moved locations and are now settled in at my Aunt Pat’s where we will be for at least the next two weeks. Addie went in today for her radiation treatment. The first of 22. She did really well. It doesn’t look comfortable and it doesn’t look fun, but she never complained. It took about 25 minutes. After the treatment, Addie was eager to walk to the Children’s hospital with Ryan and Aidan. Addie has been feeling good all afternoon. She is putting up with ornery Michal who is determined to have her eat well and do ointments and supplements.

The afternoon was smooth. Addie had good energy, ate well, and is now relaxing with a movie. The hardest part right now is that Addie’s treatments are right in the middle of the day – and Addie wants to do all the amazing things that Denver has to offer, and somehow we will have to figure out how to incorporate as much fun as possible into each day.

So very grateful to all the amazing people in Addie’s life.



We had a wonderful dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy. Today Addie felt good, she didn’t have to under go any radiation treatments. They are perfecting the program and now tell us that it will be a four week treatment. After the treatment we can return to Missoula for a five week recovery period. After the recovery period we will need to return to Denver for an MRI. It is at that time that we will have to decide if a medication regiment. Addie is staying super positive and strong. The financial support has allowed Ryan and I to breathe- for the nervous trips to Denver now seem financial possible. Addie wanted to post to the blog, and will hopefully tomorrow before her treatment. She was delighted to have us all show up!!!

June 15th

We are quickly making our way to Denver, almost through Wyoming. Working from my phone- this may be brief….

Addie had her cast built this morning and underwent a radiation treatment that was the first of 25. I have a picture of Addie in her cast, but I wrestle with how much Addie wants out there. I am eager to see her. She does not know how much love, support and help has already been sent her way. My husband and I are speechless but not surprised. It doesn’t take Addie long to make an impression on those that she meets.

thank you, thank you, thank you- people are amazing and we are surrounded by angels

michal farley