Addie’s Army


On May 22nd, there was a lip sync contest at the Top Hat to help raise money for Camp Mak-A-Dream. It was a great event. There were two very special parts of the eventing. The first was when 15 of Addie’s friends with the help of their 6th grade teachers performed a song in honor and tribute to Addie. You can see the performance on you tube by searching “Addie’s Army Lip Sync”. There is a video of the performance as well as a video of the slide show that was shown during their performance. We are very grateful for the hard work that went into this wonderful tribute; Addie’s friends, the teachers, and the slide show creator and videographer did a wonderful job. The second special part of the evening was when Addie’s 5th grade teachers performed as “Addie’s Army” and did a fabulous job, and ended up winning the lip sync battle.

Time continues to go by, some days much easier than others. All of the events, people and situations have helped us celebrate and appreciate the time we had with Addie. We are trying to settle in to normalcy and routine, but it is hard. Michal

Addie’s Birthday


Addie’s 12th Birthday. We woke up to waffles, strawberries and whip cream, and bacon. We are taking each moment as it comes, and just planning on enjoying the day together.

Tonight we are still planning on heading over to Target Range school for ice cream, wish lanterns, and luminaries. The weather may not be on our side – but perhaps the wind and rains will calm just for a few hours.

Happy Birthday sweet Addie – so grateful for all that you have given and taught us! We sure love and miss you. Michal

May 15th, 2016


On May 15th, 2016 we will have an ice cream social and lighting of love (Chinese lanterns and luminaries) at 7:30 pm at the field behind Target Range School. May 15th is Addie’s birthday – and as our family thought about what we wanted to do our thoughts turned to ice cream and light – lifting ourselves up. We will have some Chinese lanterns to light off as a group, and we thought it would be fun if people wanted to bring their own luminary designed and decorated either to create a path or image on the field behind Target Range. ( We will have tea light candles for your luminary).

The past month has been a month of being okay. Adjustment and newness in a way we did not desire, but knowing that the only option is moving on and enjoying life and each other.

We would love to see you Sunday, May 15th. Michal

July 28th

IMG_3876 IMG_3871

The past week Addie has grown stronger, felt better, and her “sunburned” shoulder is healing really well. We are all settling in to summer, and it feels good. Last weekend we were able to attend Red Ants Pants in White Sulphur Springs with some very good friends. We look forward to having summer over the next five weeks with slow summer days, trips to the river, and hopefully a long camping trip. Today we spoke with the Missoulian, our local paper, – one thing that came up over and over is Addie’s great attitude and vitality during all of this – nothing seems to slow her down – an amazing spirit with such great insight and strength.

July 21st

IMG_3852 IMG_3850

Addie’s home!!! We are extremely happy to all be back together in Montana. Addie had her last treatment on July 17th and flew home on the 19th. Now for recovery. The doctors indicated that Addie’s symptoms may get worse before they get better. Today has been tough; Addie has had a tough time keeping any food down, and is tired. Currently she lays on the couch next to me eating cashews and a lime popsicle. A few days of good rest and good food – and I think she will be feeling much better. Prayers, Love and Healing, Michal

July 15th, 2015

IMG_1315 IMG_0077 IMG_7973

Addie has been enjoying life with Ryan and Anna since Della and I left her last Tuesday. They spent the weekend in Casper with family – and recently have been riding out Addie’s last week of treatment!!! In that last picture she is celebrating that there are only two treatments left – and finally a return trip home on Sunday. We will revisit with the Doctors in the fall and do another MRI. At that time we will have to decide what treatment options/ preventative measure are available.

The support, love and prayers continue to surround us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Michal

July 8th



Yesterday Della and I left Addie in Denver, while Ryan and Anna flew in to be with Addie for the remaining two weeks. I’ll be honest – Addie is ready to come home – she wants to have a summer. Her treatments are still going very well. The swelling has almost gone down completely – which according to the doctors tells us that the disease is being rid from the body (at least for now). Her skin is starting to become soar – and I am anxious for July 17th, her last treatment. She does remain strong – and she knows that there are many caring for her and loving her.

Della and I will be completing the trek to Montana today. I too am anxious to get home, see the other children, and weed my garden :).

Love to all, Michal

Happy 4th of July



Happy 4th of July! We are up in Breckinridge enjoying the holiday weekend with good friends. Lisa and Leslie Park drove down with Addie’s cousin, Lily to spend the Holiday weekend with us. Breckinridge is amazing and we had a wonderful day riding Gondolas, completing a maze, playing putt putt, and hiking around.

Addie continues to do so well. She has two more full weeks of treatment, and we feel that the results are positive thus far and will remain so. Keep the prayers, thoughts and love coming!!



June 30th

IMG_3602 IMG_3613


The Denver Zoo is pretty cool – although we all have a hard time accepting that these wild animals have to be in cages. We bought Addie a hat – one that will cover her neck and shoulders. Her skin that has been exposed to radiation should never be exposed to the sun again. We have adjusted well to city life – but our home grows fonder and fonder in our hearts, Missoula MT is a pretty wonderful place to be able to live. Happy summer to all. Michal

June 28th – Rest


Yesterday, Ryan, Aidan, Anton, Anna, Seamus and Eli began the trek back home to Montana. Since then I have taken two naps – but Addie has taken none. As those who know Addie, not much can slow her down. Addie is already planning out our week, filling each day with activities around her treatments. We will be returning to the zoo tomorrow, swimming on Tuesday, friends showing up to visit on Wednesday, and a weekend in Breckenridge leaving Thursday after treatment with our visiting friends.

We miss our home and Montana, but are definitely making the best of our current situation. Love to all, Michal