I can’t wait to be out of all this medical stuff, so I can play like that again. I am so grateful for all of your wonderful donations, they have and will help my family and I ┬áso much! I will only be doing twenty-two radiation treatments instead of twenty-five, so I can be back […]


We had a wonderful dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy. Today Addie felt good, she didn’t have to under go any radiation treatments. They are perfecting the program and now tell us that it will be a four week treatment. After the treatment we can return to Missoula for a five week recovery period. […]

June 15th

We are quickly making our way to Denver, almost through Wyoming. Working from my phone- this may be brief…. Addie had her cast built this morning and underwent a radiation treatment that was the first of 25. I have a picture of Addie in her cast, but I wrestle with how much Addie wants out […]